A photo of the organ from the 1930s

Jõelähtme Kirikumõisa Sihtasutus
The foundation was set up by MTÜ Jõelähtme Kirikumõisa Sõprade Selts (a non-profit organisation), Jõelähtme vallavalitsus (Jõelähtme municipality), and Jõelähtme kogudus (Jõelähtme Congregation). According to the statute, the aim of the foundation is to seek for funds and undertake the necessary construction work in order to renovate the vicarage, the other adjacent buildings as well as the infrastructure, including the interior fittings and furniture of the church and the vicarage.

The organ
The organ of Jõelähtme church was vandalised during WWII, and it has not been used for many years. The king of all musical instruments in St Mary’s Church in Jõelähtme is still waiting for the support of all of those who care for the well-being of one of the oldest churches in Estonia.
Dear friend, you can also lend a hand so that the organ could once again sound for the delectation of men and to the glory of God.

The pipes
Anyone can donate and become the owner of a pipe named after him/her. A pipe can be bought as a gift to someone, to commemorate a dear one who has passed away, or as an investment.
Jõelähtme Kirikumõisa Sihtasutus (the Foundation) has decided to start with the renovation of the organ made by Gustav Normann. The organ was vandalised during WWII. After the war, an attempt was made to repair the organ so that it could be played. However, it has been silent for the last 25 years or so, mainly because it lacks many pipes and needs to be renovated as well as modernised.
The author of the idea and disposition of the organ of Jõelähtme Church is Professor Andres Uibo. It has been estimated that the restoration will cost about 250 000 euros.
Once the Foundation makes a contract with Martin ter Haseborg, it will have to pay a 10% down payment before the work can start. This is why the Foundation has started selling the nametags for the pipes to all who are interested in supporting the restoration.
The organ has 17 stops (registers) that consist of 56 pipes each; the pedal rank has 30 pipes. A pipe costs from 30 euros upwards (see the chart for the pipes and prices). Every person who donates will have his/her name written in the records; and a certificate (either an electronic or a paper one) will be issued proving the purchase. In order to get the certificate, please contact the Foundation at joelahtme@kirikumoisa.eu
One can buy, or gift, (a) pipe(s) to …

  • express joy or thanks
  • celebrate the day of one’s birth, baptism, wedding, or confirmation
  • commemorate a dear one passed away
  • celebrate an important family occasion or anniversary

In addition to pipes, one can also support the renovation of the console.

Golden donor
One who donates 5400 euros or more will be named a Golden Donor. The sum of money equals the price in euros of a 100-gram gold bullion. The names of Golden Donors will be inscribed on the organ for posterity. All Golden Donors will be issued a certificate in their name and receive the certificate by post.
As of now, the donations are not subject to preferential income tax, so it is advisable to send donations to Jõelähtme Kogudus (Jõelähtme Congregation) to get back some of the income tax. The congregation shall use the money only for the intended purpose.

Beneficiary: Jõelähtme Kirikumõisa Sihtasutus
Beneficiary Bank: LHV Pank AS, Tartu st 2, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia
Bank code: 689
Accont number: EE907700771007276357
Payment reference: Organ pipes

PayPal account: joelahtme@kirikumoisa.eu

In case of questions contact the fondation: joelahtme@kirikumoisa.eu